Claire Lechien - violin

Claire Lechien - violin


Claire Lechien was born in La Louvière, in Belgium. At the age of 15, she entered the Brussels Conservatory of Music where she graduated with big dinstinctions in 2002. In the mean time she studied at the Queen Elisabeth Chapel for 3 years with Veronique Bogaerts from 1998 to 2001.

After that, Claire went to London, at the Royal College of Music for a postgraduate diploma where she studied with Rodney Friend.

Back in Belgium, she received precious advices from Tatiana Samouil, Yves Cortvrint and Benjamin Braude. As a orchestral musician she used to play in La Monnaie Royal opera, in the Wallonian Chamber Orchestra, in the Brussels Chamber Orchestra as well as in many chamber music ensembles.

Since 2009, Claire has been playing in the Royal Flemish Philharmonic as a member of the first violin section.

Claire plays a lot of chamber music concerts, mainly as first violin of her string quartet Prosperus4.

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